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Las Vegas is without a doubt a city for people seeking fun and excitement, however it is important to remember that the fun you have must remain within the law. It is very easy to pick up tickets for traffic violations in Las Vegas, as increasing numbers of drivers are finding to their cost.

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Traffic Offenses in Las Vegas

There are now many different traffic offenses which can result in a ticket, in fact more than ever before. It sometimes seems as if the authorities are constantly imagining new ways to part motorists from their dollars. Ticketing drivers for traffic offenses is certainly a very reliable and effective way of generating income for the city. There are two basic types of traffic violations – moving and non-moving violations.

Examples of non-moving traffic violations would be parking illegally, or not being on possession of the correct legal paperwork. Tickets would more commonly be issued for moving violations, which would include driving above the speed limit, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), and not obeying traffic signs and lights. These are just examples, however, and there are many more violations for which you could receive a ticket.

Receiving a traffic ticket in Las Vegas ticket can have some very serious consequences for a driver, aside from the obvious financial cost of having to pay the fine. In some cases, a person who has received a previous traffic ticket in the greater Las Vegas area may have to pay a higher fine or may be required to do traffic school. Too many points could result in the loss of one’s driver’s license. If they need to drive for work then they may even lose their job. The financial cost is even greater when you consider that insurance premiums increase as a result of traffic violations.

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Consequences of a Traffic Ticket in Las Vegas

Some people fail to realize that there are ways in which you can contest a traffic ticket, or they simply pay the fine in order to have the matter dealt with quickly. If you have received a speeding ticket you may be able to hire an expert to argue that the speed radar gun may have been faulty or used incorrectly. This however is a risky strategy and may be very expensive.

You will have a much better chance of successfully contesting a traffic ticket if you have a witness to the event who would be willing to testify for you. It is a fact of the judicial system that if the judge simply has to decide between your version of events and the police officer’s they will side with the police officer every time. Therefore a third party witness who can corroborate your story will be invaluable so long as they are not friends or family members and are completely unbiased.

The best course of action after receiving a traffic ticket in Las Vegas is to seek legal advice from ticket attorney Bret Whipple. Call Mr. Whipple for specialist information and advice on fighting Las Vegas traffic tickets. Whether you are on vacation in Las Vegas, just visiting, or you live here, these experts will be able to help you with any aspect of traffic tickets and offenses.

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