Why Hire a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney?

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traffic-ticket-attorney-las-vegasWhat can Attorney Bret Whipple do for $50 that you can’t do for yourself?

First, once you hire Mr. Whipple you no longer have to worry about dealing with the court system. Ticket Attorney Whipple will go to court for you so you no longer have to worry about taking a day off, standing in line, or otherwise ruining your day. After Mr. Whipple has made the appearance on your ticket, he will notify you via email and first-class mail regarding the disposition of your traffic ticket.

Second, when traffic lawyer Bret Whipple goes to court for you, it’s like taking a big kid to the fight. The fact that you’ve hired an attorney implies you are not willing to simply plead guilty and have demerit points placed on your DMV record.

Lastly, if you plead not guilty and try the case yourself, you probably do not know the rules of evidence, what the officer is supposed to say, and what discovery you are entitled to

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About Attorney Bret Whipple

Bret Whipple is one of only four Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialists in the entire State of Nevada. He has extensive experience in every Nevada county, including the Nevada Supreme Court. Bret is also licensed to practice in Arizona. When you choose a national board certified trial attorney, you know that your Nevada Lawyer is the best in the business.